Pink Salt Scam

My girlfriend recently got into “Himalayan pink salt,” which I first thought was simply a marketing scam for “unrefined” salt, as if refining salt were a bad thing. Now the gimmick has appeared at most grocery stores. I thought it important to advise readers that they should not buy this sketchy product. The Himalayas go through some gnarly countries, and according to several German studies, Himalayan pink salt comes from Pakistani mines. The only reason its pink is because there is suspended iron oxide (rust) in the crystals, and it carries a variety of (unrefined and) undesirable chemicals, such as … Continue reading Pink Salt Scam

Research: Long Pepper Extract Cures Cancers

The Windsor Star A University of Windsor anti-cancer crusader may have discovered his most effective agent yet — a fruit that causes evil cells to commit suicide. Dr. Siyaram Pandey, known for promising work on dandelion root extract, is thrilled with results from his initial research on long pepper fruit. “It is very potent, which is surprising, actually,” said Pandey. “I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say it’s a little bit better than dandelion root extract.” Pandey led a group of researchers, who published their long pepper paper in the November edition of the scholarly journal PLOS One. Pandey’s team included Pamela Ovadje, Dennis … Continue reading Research: Long Pepper Extract Cures Cancers